Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and the Japanese American Incarceration




Cody and Powell, WY


June 19-23, 2022; July 24-29, 2022


1 week


Professional Development Program

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The Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation invites educators of grades 5-12 from around the country to spend a week learning about the Japanese American incarceration. Beginning with the stories of the first immigrants from Japan, the workshop takes participants through the Pearl Harbor attack and wartime hysteria that followed, to the incarceration, and eventually to the 1988 apology and, later, redress payments by the federal government. Teachers will be guided in developing dynamic lessons using primary and secondary source materials such as digitized artifacts, oral histories, and newspapers. Sessions will be led by survivors of Heart Mountain, foundation leaders, and scholars.

Project Director(s)

Ray Locker

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Shirley Ann Higuchi; Frank Abe; Erin Aoyama;Gordon Nagayama Hall; Jeanne Nagayama Hall; Mary Keller; Karen Korematsu; Amy McKinney; Sam Mihara; Donna Nagata; Aura Newlin; Noriko Sanefuji; Hanako Wakatsuki; Duncan Williams

Grantee Institution

Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation

Funded through the Division of Education Programs