Foundations and Applications of Cultural Analytics in the Humanities


Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM and Virtually



July 17-23, 2022



The use of computational and quantitative tools and approaches in the humanities is rapidly becoming more widespread. At the same time, there are still significant barriers preventing emerging scholars in the humanities from using these tools to generate new insights that make a genuine impact within the humanities themselves.  

The goal of our proposed advanced institute is to develop an online course and in-person workshop that will empower scholars in the humanities by eliminating the "black box" of computational text analysis. Participants will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of text analysis methods and the interpretation of their outputs. As such, participants will be able to extract content and derive meaning from the growing archives of digital sources, making accessible new directions in humanities scholarship. 

The in-person workshop in particular will be the springboard for collaborations between the next generation of analytically-inclined humanities scholars. 

Funding Information: Details about the Grant 

Project Director(s)

Kinney, David B. and DeDeo, Simon