Forever Wild: The Adirondacks in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era


Raquette Lake, NY



July 7-13, 2019 & July 14-20, 2019 (1 week)


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Forever Wild offers K-12 teachers an unparalleled investigation of America's late 19th and early 20th century period from the unique perspective of the wilderness. Based at Camp Huntington, the first Adirondack Great Camp built in the 1870s, participants spend a week on Raquette Lake exploring the region's history and drawing comparisons between it and America's Gilded Age and Progressive Era urban experience. By investigating the region's industrial, cultural, gendered, political, and ethnic histories, summer scholars enrich their understanding of the interconnections between the urban and the wild while developing instructional materials to broaden the typical urban-centered narrative of the period. 

Project Director(s)

Kevin B. Sheets & Randi Storch

Visiting Faculty

Philip Terrie; Rebecca Edwards; Scott Manning Stevens

Grantee Institution

State University of New York at Cortland