Diverse Historical and Cultural Perspectives in Native American and African American Art




Toledo, OH


June 19-23, 2023


1 week


Professional Development Program

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419-255-8000 ext. 7495

Exploring a work of art's story, symbolism, and context can shape our perceptions of the world. The Toledo Museum of Art's week-long summer institute will help K-12 teachers develop skills and teaching strategies to facilitate their students' investigations into Native American and African American perspectives and contributions to American History through visual culture. During the institute, teachers will experience multiple perspectives on visual culture by examining both the production and reception of works of art through visual analysis. These strategies will then be implemented into teachers' classroom curriculums through guided and collaborative development sessions during the institute. The goal of the curriculum development sessions is to design lessons and learning activities inspired from the highlighted works that reinforce classroom learning.

Project Director(s)

Mike Deetsch; Grace Toth

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Paula Reich; Diane Wright; Erin Corrales Diaz; Alison Huftalen; Jamie Copely Sansom; Mysoon Rizk; Carla Pattin; Megan Hancock; William Wilson; John Low; Asmaa Walton

Grantee Institution

Toledo Museum of Art

Funded through the Division of Education Programs