David Hume in the 21st Century: Perpetuating the Enlightenment




Portland, OR


July 11-August 5, 2022


4 weeks


Professional Development Program

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David Hume (1711-1776) was a prominent intellectual of the Enlightenment. His books and essays generated radically innovative theories of human understanding, knowledge, religious belief, moral practice, aesthetic judgment, and political theory. The Institute aims to cover many of these areas, as well as focusing on the relevance of Hume's thought to some contemporary interests: Naturalism and Skepticism, The Mind, Moral Psychology, Morality and Society, Economics, History, Non-Western Philosophy, Race and Gender, Early Modern Women Philosophers, and Animals and the Environment. Formal sessions will convene in mornings, with plenty of time for informal small group discussions in afternoons.

Project Director(s)

Angela Coventry; Elizabeth Radcliffe

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Deborah Boyle; Jay L. Garfield; Don Garrett; Paul Russell; Geoffrey Sayre-McCord; Margaret Schabas; Lisa Shapiro; Mark Spencer; Andrew Valls; Andre Willis

Grantee Institution

Portland State University

Funded through the Division of Education Programs