California Dreamin': Migration, Work, and Settlement in the "Other" California




Bakersfield, CA


June 19-24, 2023; July 10-14, 2023


1 week


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From the exhausted hope of the Joads to the tenacity of Cesar Chavez; from the austere Garveyian self-reliance of Allensworth to the lyricism of the Bakersfield Sound, very few locales have captured the promise, struggles, and artistry of Rural America more than California’s San Joaquin Valley. At this crucial American crossroads of urban-rural divides and racial reckoning, the San Joaquin Valley demonstrates the extent that the historic, literary, and musical wealth of Rural America has been stitched together by a truly multi-ethnic and multi-racial mosaic of Americans united in their pursuit of the American Dream.

Project Director(s)

Adam Sawyer; Oliver Rosales

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Laurie Coyle; Robert Price; Christian Paiz; Andres Chavez

Grantee Institution

California State University, Bakersfield

Funded through the Division of Education Programs