Building Capable Communities for Crowdsourced Transcription Institute


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN




The Building Capable Communities for Crowdsourced Transcription Institute seeks to build capacity in diverse cultural organizations and research institutions for using crowdsourcing to effectively transcribe large collections of handwritten documents.  

In the autumn of 2020 the institute is recruiting a cohort of 15 project leaders for 18 months of project and community building. Participants will have an existing large collection of digitized documents and ambitious goals for the impact that its completed transcription would bring.  

The cohort and project directors will work together to build infrastructure for transcription and develop the volunteer community that will help achieve your project goals. Together, participants and instructors will build a community of leaders in online crowdsourcing. 

Funding Information: Details about the Grant 

Project Director(s)

Roberts, Evan; Blickhan, Samantha; Wiggins, Benjamin