American Women, American Citizens: 1920-1948


Manhattan, NY



July 13 - July 24, 2020 Length: 2 Weeks


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The years 1920-1948 were a turning point in American history. Economic extremes, wartime mobilization, and growing federal regulations permeated daily life. Amidst these shifts, women eagerly activated their citizenship and exercised their rights. This institute will convene 30 schoolteachers and 13 renowned scholars at the New-York Historical Society for two weeks of interactive pedagogy workshops, lesson planning, and dialogue with leading scholars. Building on N-YHS’s web-based curriculum, Women and the American Story (, American Women, American Citizens: 1920-1948 will empower teachers to incorporate the voices of diverse women into their instruction using dynamic primary sources and secondary texts.

Project Director(s)

Leslie Hayes, Nicholas Juravich

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Zaheer Ali, Juan Castellanos, Erin D. Chapman, Marcia Chatelain, Julie Golia, LaShawn Harris, Cheryl Hicks, Brian Jones, Elaine Tyler May, Ruth Milkman, Michele Mitchell, Mae Ngai, Vicki Ruiz, Joanna Scutts

Grantee Institution

New-York Historical Society