Advancing Digital Health Humanities Institute


San Francisco



November 4 – November 8, 2024



The ADHHI intends to facilitate new insights into historical health data. Through the Institute’s programming, a select group of researchers will learn and apply methods that provide a humanistic context to understanding institutional, personal, and community responses to health matters. This approach includes examining the social, cultural, political, and economic impacts on individual and public health. Using digital humanistic inquiry and methods as a catalyst, the ADHHI will draw from connections across allied disciplines at UCSF and other institutions with health humanities, medical history, and health sciences programs. These collaborations will inform a series of trainings, workshops, and network-building events. Furthermore, a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional team of expert instructors and speakers will collaborate on facilitating the institute curriculum. The curriculum will include thematic explorations of:

  • Understanding, exploring, and analyzing archives as data for digital health humanities research 

  • Examining boundary objects and boundary work across healthcare, history, and communities 

  • Interrogating the historic record to surface and address bias and influence in health issues 

Project Director(s)

Polina Ilieva