Humanities Research Centers on Artificial Intelligence

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Grant Snapshot

Maximum award amount

Up to $750,000 ($500,000 in outright funds plus $250,000 in Federal Matching Funds)

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Expected output

The creation of a humanities research center, and two or more of the following: lecture series; workshops; colloquia; digital infrastructure; curriculum development; digital resource or publication; themed issue of peer-reviewed journal, articles for the general public

Period of performance

Up to three years

Application available (anticipated)

Next deadline (anticipated)

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Project start date

If you receive a "Bad Request" message when you apply, it is possible that your assigned role in does not give you the correct permission. See Grants Management Policy and Guidance for Awards to Organizations | The National Endowment for the Humanities ( for more information.

The Humanities Research Centers on Artificial Intelligence program aims to support a more holistic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern world through the creation of new humanities research centers on artificial intelligence at eligible institutions. Centers must focus their scholarly activities on exploring the ethical, legal, or societal implications of AI.  

A Center is a sustained collaboration among scholars focused on exploring a specific topic. Successful applicants will examine the humanities implications of AI through two or more related scholarly activities. Centers must be led by scholars in the humanities or humanistic social sciences, but should include scholars from multiple disciplines. Scholars may come from one or more institutions. NEH welcomes international collaboration, but scholars at U.S. institutions must contribute significantly to the project. This program is for establishing new Centers; existing Centers and Institutes are not eligible in this competition. Only one application per organization is permitted in this first competition.

In addition to the establishment of a sustainable Center, your project should engage in at least two activities that support research into the ethical, legal, or societal implications of AI. Appropriate activities may include but are not limited to: collaborative research and writing efforts; workshops or lecture series; education and mentoring; and the creation of digital tools to increase or advance scholarly discourse about AI.  

You may submit an optional draft. You should use the draft template found under “program resources” on this page and must submit it no later than January 10, 2024, to @email. Put “AI Centers Draft” in the subject line of the message. NEH staff will read only one draft per institution per competition deadline. 

Note about Humanities Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

This grant program is one of ten NEH programs that are part of NEH’s Humanities Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence initiative, which is encouraging research on the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI. To learn more about the initiative, please see our page about the AI initiative.

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Humanities Research Centers on Artificial Intelligence Notice of Funding Opportunity 2024 (PDF)

Humanities Research Centers on Artificial Intelligence application package

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HCRAI Draft Template 

Federal Matching Funds Guidelines 

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