The Office of Data and Evaluation (ODE) 

The Office of Data and Evaluation (ODE) supports NEH by reporting on humanities funding and activities to the general public. It also works to ensure the equitable distribution, reach, and impact of NEH grantmaking through evaluation of agency activities in alignment with federal guidelines. ODE seeks to promote a more informed NEH, funding more broadly impactful humanities initiatives and conveying the importance of those initiatives and the humanities generally to the public. 

ODE was established in January 2023 under Chair Shelly C. Lowe (Navajo). The office is led by Director Scott B. Weingart, and its staff work with offices across NEH to assess data needs, build reporting tools, and measure grantmaking outcomes. ODE’s goals are aligned with NEH’s Equity Action Plan and the federal government’s Open Data directive. 

Inquiries relating to the Office's work are welcomed and may be sent to @email.