As Teaching Goes Online, College of Education Helps Schools and Parents

(March 24, 2020)

Working under part of a $163,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities that brings teachers from around the country for one-week workshops to learn hands-on teaching methods this summer, the center is also beefing up its website.

This year’s workshops are focusing on Lowell and related landscapes in the 19th century. The center and park educational staff will be working with the UMass Lowell history and English professors who are lead presenters for the workshops. 

Their presentations will be enriched by new digital collections of materials about the connection between cotton plantation slavery in the South and Lowell’s cotton textile mills, as well as about the lives of Native American people in the Merrimack Valley before white settlers arrived, Kirschbaum says. In a tour of Lowell’s “Acre,” educators will also learn about the landscape of 19th-century immigrant communities and related public health issues.

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