State and Local Governments Have Received Over $765 Billion in Federal Coronavirus Spending

(April 30, 2020)

“Congress has already funded over $700 billion to state and local governments, that’s more than we funded our small businesses. And that’s direct aid, state and local government, state unemployment funding, local hospitals, state and local disaster aid, local school funding, state college funding, local mass transit funding, plus we muscled up Medicaid 6% to help them through this crisis,” Rep. Kevin Brady said.

Across all four phases of coronavirus relief legislation, Congress has focused on comprehensive aid to the American people, to small businesses, and to state and local governments and communities. Those efforts include more than $765 billion in coronavirus-related spending supporting state and local governments and communities.

$150 million: Grants for Arts and Humanities
This includes funding to state arts agencies to help local, state, and regional communities provided continued access to cultural organizations and institutes of learning. Funding split between the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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