Spiva Gallery really shines with international-themed art exhibits

(February 12, 2019)

“This is not a traditional art show,” said Christine Bentley, associate professor of art and Spiva Art Gallery director. “It is more of a historical/cultural exhibit.”

The show is not being presented as part of a themed international semester at the university. Rather, it’s part of the National Endowment for the Humanities exhibition series “On the Road,” which makes rare art collections available to small galleries or museums across the country. The exhibit is being presented at Spiva through the Mid-America Arts Alliance, which supports artists and cultural organizations in a six-state region.

The exhibit includes nearly 200 works focusing on the history and culture of Northeast Brazil through three segments — “The Land and Its People”; “Expressions of Faith,” which explores the African-Brazilian religion of Candomble; and “Poetry, Celebration and Song,” which spotlights folk legends and popular festivals, as well as literature de cordel or literature on a string, a popular form of poetry produced by itinerant singing poets.

Joplin Globe