Musicology professor’s new book illuminates pioneer of 20th-century music

(February 11, 2019)

Arizona State University School of Music Professor Sabine Feisst’s latest book is considered a major contribution of new scholarship on the life and music of Arnold Schoenberg, one of the most important and controversial figures in musical modernism and 20th-century music.

“Schoenberg's Correspondence with American Composers” is the first edition of all known and available letters between Schoenberg and over 70 American composers written between 1915 and 1951. The 950-page book reveals how Schoenberg’s music was flourishing in the United States and demonstrates his far-reaching connections to the American music world.

Schoenberg, a composer, music theorist, teacher and painter, often has been referred to as the “Einstein of music.” Born to a Jewish family in Vienna, he lived in Austria and Germany before immigrating to the United States in 1933 and resided here until his death in 1951. Schoenberg was committed to the advancement of American music and composed music inspired by and composed for American musicians.

Feisst’s most recent book is part of a nine-volume set, “Schoenberg in Words” (Oxford University Press), that she is co-editing with music theory Professor Severine Neff (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and features Schoenberg’s theoretical writings and correspondence.

Feisst received a National Endowment for the Humanities research grant to complete her book and worked on the 10-year project while teaching numerous music history classes and publishing two other volumes.

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