McMahon earns NEH funding to study Ukrainian refugee resettlement

(April 22, 2024)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln News 

New funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities will enable University of Nebraska–Lincoln scholar Patrice McMahon to study the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and the grassroots humanitarianism that made it possible. 

McMahon and an international team of scholars will study the motivations, practices and limitations of grassroots humanitarianism through the project “Ordinary People: Poland’s Response to Ukraine and Future of Humanitarianism.”

“I am shocked and delighted by this NEH grant,” McMahon, professor of political science, said. “And I am excited to work with my colleagues from UNL and in Poland on this interdisciplinary project that looks at why and how people and community organizations helped receive and integrate refugees. There are few topics as important as the fate of vulnerable people fleeing war.”

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