Humanities for Your Ears

Humanities For Your Ears
(July 26, 2017)

NEH funds radio programs and podcasts on history and humanities topics. Find something for your headphones below.

The First Family of Radio: Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt's Historic Broadcasts explores how the Roosevelts used radio to revolutionize the way Americans related to the White House and its occupants.

American Routes follows our musical heritage, connecting it to our nation’s history. 

The World in Words reports on the relationship between language and everything it touches, from politics and democracy to cultural preservation and education.

BackStory goes behind the scenes of current events to discover how history was made by the participants who lived it. 

Contested: Sports and Society looks at the social and cultural dynamics of America’s athletic pursuits. 

Kitchen Sisters stories examine the complicated and dynamic relationship among food, culture, and society. 

Radio Diaries: The History of Now tell “the extraordinary stories of ordinary life.” 

Studio 360: American Icons IV uncovers the stories behind some of America’s most iconic cultural works.