Faculty Spotlight: Scott Bruce, Modern Research Meets Medieval Traditions

(March 12, 2020)

From the Middle Ages to fitness, Scott G. Bruce, Ph.D., is a man of many interests. Hailing from Canada, Bruce came to the United States for graduate school and taught for several years at the University of Colorado Boulder. In 2018, he became a professor of Medieval History at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. 

Bruce’s love for the Middle Ages began in his youth, through fantasy literature and “Dungeons and Dragons,” and was realized in his college history class. He even has a collection of books about the history of the supernatural in the Middle Ages, which he curates and uses in his own history courses.

His passion has led him to receive the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship award for his research project entitled “The Lost Patriarchs: A Survey of the Greek Fathers in the Medieval Latin Tradition.” In addition to his words in a recent Observer article, Bruce said that the project looks at the “strong tradition of studying Greek patristics,” which is the study of early Christian writers and their essays on church life and doctrines, and will focus particularly on the influence of these works on Latin-reading Medieval Europeans. 

Fordham Observer