How to Submit a Privacy Act Request

Under the Privacy Act, you may request:

  • Access to records pertaining to you and contained in a Privacy Act system of records,
  • Correction or amendment of records about you that are maintained in a Privacy Act system of records.

To submit a request for access, correction or amendments to such records, please send an email to or submit a written letter to the Office of the General Counsel at:

National Endowment for the Humanities
Office of the General Counsel
400 7th Street SW, 4th Floor
Washington DC 20506

Please indicate in your email or letter:

  1. Your full name, email address (if available), mailing address, and daytime telephone number.
  2. A statement that you are seeking access or requesting correction/amendment of records under the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552a.
  3. A clear and specific description of the information you seek access to or want corrected/amended. If possible, identify the NEH systems of records that you would like NEH to search.

To the extent NEH has records responsive to your request, before providing access to and/or correcting/amending such records, NEH will ask that you provide information adequately confirming your identity and that you tender fees, as required under NEH regulations implementing the Privacy Act.