Performance Report Instructions for Recipients of Fellowships, Summer Stipends, and Faculty Research Awards

Instructions for recipients of NEH Fellowships, Summer Stipends, and Faculty Research Awards

Please answer the following questions in your performance report:

  • What did you do during the tenure of your award, and how does this compare with what you had planned to do when you applied?
  • Has either your understanding of your subject or your approach to it changed significantly as a result of the work conducted under your award? If so, in what way?
  • How has your award-supported work furthered your scholarly career?
  • What are your publication plans?
  • Does your award-supported work have implications for your teaching?
  • Please provide titles if your research will contribute to new or revised courses.
  • To what extent will you be able to continue work on the project supported by the award?
  • What assistance, if any, will you receive for this from your employer or from other sources (including released time, research or secretarial assistance, etc., as well as award assistance?)
  • For Faculty Research Award recipients: are there other ways in which your award-supported work will further the educational mission of your institution?
  • Expressed roughly in percentages, what proportion of the fellowship period did you spend (a) at your own institution or home? (b) at other locations in the U.S.? (c) at locations abroad? Please specify the other locations, if any.
  • Did your employer contribute any additional funds for travel, supplies, research assistance, or other such ancillary purpose, to help you with your work under the fellowship? If so, please indicate amounts.
  • What is the sabbatical or similar leave policy at your place of employment?
  • When did you begin and end your award tenure?
  • If the length of your actual tenure was shorter than that specified in the official notice of action that accompanied the NEH award letter, the Endowment will request, on a pro rata basis, appropriate repayment.
  • For Faculty Research Award recipients: If the total amount of full or half time spent on your project during your award tenure differed from that indicated in your acceptance form, describe and explain the difference.