Instructions for Submitting the Final Performance Report for NEH Fellowships (including NEH/Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Fellowships), Awards for Faculty, DEL Fellowships, Public Scholars, and Summer Stipends

(Updated January 20, 2023 to reflect changes to eGMS access.)

Recipients of NEH Fellowships (including NEH/Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Fellowships), Awards for Faculty, Public Scholar Program, and Summer Stipends are required to submit a final performance report on activities accomplished with their NEH award. The final report is due within 120 days if you received your award on or after November 12th, 2020. If you received your award before November 12th, 2020 your final report is due within 90 days of the end of your period of performance.

NEH staff uses these reports to understand the work of our grant recipients, to assess the value of our grant programs, and to describe the impact of NEH grants to members of Congress and the American public. The more information you provide in your report, the more helpful it is to the NEH.

You must submit your final performance report electronically via eGMS Reach, NEH's online grant management system. Learn how to access eGMS Reach

When you have logged into your Reach account, you will see a list of your NEH awards. Click “Go to Award” for the project that you are reporting on. Once there, select the “Reports” tab and click on the pen icon for the PPR report. That will take you to a set of tabs, each with a group of questions. The tabs for this report are: Accomplishments, Products, Participants, Impact, and Reporting.

  • Accomplishments—The questions under this tab are about what you did during the grant period, e.g. how many chapters of a book you completed, and what research you did and where. State to what degree your activities matched the work plan you laid out in your application and whether there were any changes to your project. Provide an update on your current plans for publications that have yet to appear.
  • Products—Add any publications that appeared during the grant period. You may enter information about conference papers, articles, digital resources, books, and other project-related products. You will be able to add updates on your products whenever they are completed, even long after the grant period
  • Participants—For these individual programs, please discuss whether your employer or another grant-making entity or a publisher provided additional support for work on your NEH-sponsored project. Also describe any collaboration with other scholars, if applicable. For DEL Fellowships: Please describe how much time and what percentage of your award budget was spent in foreign countries.
  • Impact—Describe, how, in your opinion, your project has made or will be able to make an impact on scholarly or general audiences, and what impact it has had on your teaching and career.
  • Reporting—Describe how you have acknowledged NEH support for your work.

There is a text box for each question. Note that some questions have “special instructions” from NEH staff intended to clarify the focus of the general questions (which are used government-wide). Please pay close attention to these special instructions. When you’re done, click the “Finish” button on the “Submit” tab to complete your report.

This report format is designed for many kinds of projects at various stages of work. Some of the questions may not be relevant for your project at this point. Please focus on the questions (or parts of questions) that are relevant for you, providing as much information as possible in response.

If you have questions about this reporting process, please contact the Office of Grant Management at, or by phone at (202) 606-8494.