ACH Vendor/Enrollment Form Instructions

(Published March 16, 2023; updated March 26, 2024 to reflect new ACH payment form instructions)

The ACH form (available in the “Forms & Reports” section) allows NEH to transfer funds to your or your employer’s account. NEH cannot pay you until you submit this form. You may elect to have the funds deposited directly into your personal account or into your employer’s account. If you choose your employer’s account, complete the payee information section using your employer’s banking information, but enter your social security number, not your employer’s tax ID number. You may need to contact your finance or accounting office for routing and account numbers. Note: NEH no longer requires a signature on this form.  

You need to submit the form only once, unless your banking information changes. Do not attach payment requests to eGMS Reach messages or to emails to NEH.