Collaborative Research 2014

July 29, 2014

California State University, Northridge
Project Director: Owen Patrick Doonan
Northridge, CA
Origins and Development of the Black Sea Colonial System: Excavations in the Early Greek Colony of Sinope, Turkey
Archaeological excavation and analysis at the Black Sea port of Sinop, Turkey. (36 months)

University of California, San Diego
Project Director: Robert S. Edelman
La Jolla, CA
The Global History of Sport in the Cold War
Three international scholarly workshops over a three-year period addressing the topic of politics and sport during the Cold War, as well as preparation of the resulting papers and associated materials for publication through two print volumes and an open-access website. (36 months)

Columbia University
Project Director: Amy Lauren Fairchild
New York, NY
Outbreak Anxieties: The Contingent Politics of Panic and Crisis in America
The writing of a book and several articles analyzing the history of American responses to perceived panics and crises relating to public health. (36 months)

Columbia University
Project Director: Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
New York, NY
Relocating Heart Disease in the Tropics: Race, Risk, and Modernization in Post-Independence India
Research culminating in the writing of a book and several articles examining the history of medical responses to heart disease in India. (36 months)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Project Director: Timothy Robert Pauketat
Champaign, IL
Cahokia’s Richland Farmers: Agricultural Expansion, Immigration, Ritual and the Foundations of Mississippian Civilization
Laboratory testing and interpretive analysis of artifacts collected at the Cahokian Richland Complex in Collinsville, Illinois, and for the preparation for publication of monographs, an article, an edited volume, and an online website exhibit. (36 months)

Johns Hopkins University
Project Director: Marina A. Rustow
Baltimore, MD
The Cairo Geniza as a Source for the History of Institutions and Documentary Practices in the Medieval Middle East
Analysis and translation into English of one to two hundred medieval Jewish and Islamic legal and administrative documents from the Cairo Geniza, in preparation for open-access digital publication; also preparation for print publication of a multi-author handbook on these documents and the institutions that created them. (36 months)

New York University
Project Director: Faye D. Ginsburg
New York, NY
Cognitive Disability in 21st-Century America
Completion of a manuscript and related web site evaluating the impact of the increasing integration into American culture of people with cognitive disabilities on notions of personhood. (24 months)

University of Notre Dame
Project Director: Meredith Slater Chesson
Notre Dame, IN
The Political Logic of a Mediterranean Landscape: Southernmost Calabria from 6000 BC to the Present
Anthropological and archaeological fieldwork at Bova Marina in Calabria (Italy), analysis of samples, and preparation of a multi-author monograph. (36 months)

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Project Director: Gretchen R. Dabbs
Carbondale, IL
The North Tombs Cemeteries at Amarna, an Abandoned City of Ancient Egypt
Archaeological excavation and bioarchaeological analysis at the North Tombs Cemeteries (14th-century BCE) at Tell el-Amarna, Egypt. (36 months)

University of Vermont
Project Director: Nathaniel Parker VanValkenburgh
Burlington, VT
Imperial Spaces: Forced Resettlement, Diet and Daily Life at Carrizales, Peru
Archaeological survey and excavation at two sites in Peru's Zaña valley, historical research in Peru and Spain for preparation for scholarly monographs, and a public interactive website. (30 months)

Wayne State University
Project Director: Krysta Ryzewski
Detroit, MI
Caribbean Colonial Interactions and Dynamic Island Communities: A Diachronic Archaeology of Montserrat, 1000-1730 AD
An archaeological survey and excavation on Montserrat, and preparation for publication of peer-reviewed articles and an illustrated book on the island's archaeological history. (36 months)