Palestinian American Research Center


Ramallah, Palestine




Hazel Unger
Phone: (321) 412-4778
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The mission of the Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) is to improve the quality and quantity of scholarship on Palestine, and to promote the dissemination of research in Palestinian studies. PARC also works to develop cooperation between U.S. and Palestinian scholars and their institutions. Since 1998, PARC has awarded nearly 200 fellowships to U.S., Palestinian and other international doctoral and postdoctoral scholars in diverse fields ranging from medicine to anthropology. PARC cosponsors conferences and seminars in Palestine and the United States, presents a panel at the Middle East Studies Association annual meeting each year, and offers annual Faculty Development Seminars to Palestine.

Our office in Ramallah provides researchers with a home base, institutional affiliation, orientation assistance, and introductions to Palestinian scholars, institutions, archives and other sources. We share a research library with the Institute for Palestine Studies. The collection focuses on the social history of Palestine and the preservation of Palestinian intellectual and cultural production. Researchers have access to wireless Internet, a quiet workspace, and a conference room. Applicants must be post-doctoral scholars by the application due date.  Applicants must propose a minimum of four and a maximum of eight consecutive months of research that takes place in the West Bank.

Further information about PARC and its NEH fellowship program, including an application, can be found on PARC’s website or by contacting our office in Washington, D.C.

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