Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics Projects Now Accepted in Media Projects Grant Program

March 11, 2016



The Division of Public Programs has combined its two major grant categories for film, Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics and Media Projects, into one category. Applicants who would have previously submitted proposals to Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics in June are now eligible to apply to Media Projects at either the August 10, 2016, deadline or in January 2017. The new guidelines for Media Projects have been expanded to include the following language:

The Division of Public Programs encourages film and television projects that examine international themes and subjects in the humanities in order to spark Americans’ engagement with the broader world beyond the United States. These projects should demonstrate international collaboration by enlisting scholars based both in the United States and abroad, and/or by working with an international media team. Such collaborations should bring broader cross-cultural perspectives to the proposed topics and be intended primarily for U.S. public audiences.

All applicants should read the complete set of guidelines before submitting a proposal at the next deadline. Applicants are also encouraged, but not required, to submit a draft proposal or contact a Program Officer with questions. Drafts must be submitted at least six weeks before the deadline so that staff will have adequate time to respond. Drafts can be attached to an email and sent to @email. Staff can be reached by calling 202-606-8269.