NEH and the Preservation and Access of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage

March 10, 2015
NEH Audiovisual Cultural Heritage

This presentation addresses the significance of audiovisual heritage, NEH grant programming that supports the preservation and access of audiovisual humanities collections, and a brief summary of the crisis of audiovisual preservation and access.  You are welcome to view the video in full, or watch it in three smaller installments below.

Part I: The Significance of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage

Part II: NEH Division of Preservation and Access Grant Programming and Audiovisual Collections

Part III: NEH Strategic Planning and the Crisis of Audiovisual Preservation

For additional information about the grant programs mentioned in this video, please visit the following information pages: Research and DevelopmentEducation and TrainingPreservation Assistance Grants for Smaller InstitutionsHumanities Collections and Reference Resources, and Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections.