University of Denver's Institute for the Digital Humanities


University of Denver


Held June 19 - 24, 2011 and conference held September 28 - 29, 2012.



This institute brought together 20 humanities scholars from a variety of disciplines with little or no technical expertise to collaborate with each other and with experts in the field of digital humanities who are at the forefront of developing tools and methods for using digital media in their scholarly work. Institute fellows participated in a series of 3 workshops over an 18-month period. The institute program was designed to introduce and train fellows in the use of cutting-edge technological tools and methods, and to offer support and guidance as they work in groups to carry out a research project that involves collaboration with the public. Focus was on the use of digital tools to facilitate collaboration among humanities scholars across various disciplines, to present and consider new strategies of representation and knowledge in emerging digital literacies, and to forge more engaging relationships with the public.

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Project Director(s)

Adrienne Russell