Scholarship in Sound and Image: A Workshop on Videographic Criticism


Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont



June 14, 2015 – June 27, 2015



The workshop is designed for 12 participants, ranging in rank from advanced graduate students to full professors, including scholars working outside traditional faculty positions, whose objects of study involve audio-visual media, especially film, radio, television, and other new digital media forms. In the workshop, the participants will engage with many key questions facing film and media scholarship in the digital age: How might the use of images and sounds transform the rhetorical strategies used by film/media scholars? How does such creative digital scholarship fit into the norms of contemporary academia? How might incorporating aesthetic strategies common to moving images reshape scholarly discourse? How do broader trends and developments in remix culture and copyright activism connect with new modes of film and media scholarship? In a workshop setting, the participants will consider the theoretical foundation for such forms of digital scholarship, and we will experiment extensively with producing such work. The goal will be to explore a range of approaches by using moving images as a critical language and to expand the expressive possibilities available to innovative humanist scholars.

Funding Information: Details about this Grant Program

Project Director(s)

Christian Michael Keathley and Jason Mittell