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KairosCamp Digital Publishing Institute: Authoring and Editing Digital Humanities Scholarship

Author workshops will be held at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, and editor workshops will be held in conjunction with various scholarly society meetings.

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This institute will offer two sets of workshops for authors and editors who want to learn more about composing and publishing scholarly multimedia and web-based academic texts. The workshops will attend to beginners’ concerns about starting a scholarly multimedia project to more advanced author concerns regarding infrastructural and preservation work plans. The two-week author workshops provide hands-on time and staff support for completing a segment of a digital humanities project. The two-day editor/publisher workshops will focus on workflows for peer review, copy-editing, and publication (including preservation) in scholarly multimedia.

Dates: A series of workshops to be held at West Virginia University and at various scholarly society meetings.
Funding Information: Details About This Grant