Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship


Scholar's Lab, University of Virginia Library


First institute held November 15 - 18, 2009 and second institute held May 25 - 27, 2010.



The Scholars' Lab at the University of Virginia Library hosted two rounds of an Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, on the theme of Enabling Geospatial Scholarship. The first four-day event invited 20 competitively selected library, museum, and digital humanities center professionals to shape policy and begin building the technical capacity of the institutions they represent, to support boundary-pushing geospatial scholarship. Ongoing work in implementing a standards-based, open source infrastructure for discovery, delivery, and manipulation of geospatial data is supported through an online clearinghouse and open-access community maintained long-term by the Scholars' Lab. The second Institute invited 20 humanities scholars and advanced graduate students to train with and critique the open source and standards-based GIS tools and geospatial approaches to humanities scholarship being developed by the University of Virginia Library.

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Project Director(s)

Bethany Nowviskie