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Institute for Community College Digital Humanists: Beyond Pockets of Innovation, Toward a Community of Practice

Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon

Receipt Deadline: March 3, 2015

A one-week institute for community college faculty to engage with new digital methods, tools and practices for humanities teaching and scholarship. Participants will work with experts to translate current theory and practice in DH for the unique learning needs of community college students in open-access institutional contexts. Ultimately, this institute, which includes a public keynote address, lays the intellectual groundwork for community college students’ later participation in upper division, graduate or public digital humanities projects. The 25 participants will emerge from the institute with a portfolio of project prototypes in, for example, data visualization, multimedia production, geospatial mapping, crowdsourced research, and digital storytelling, among others, each designed for an open-access community college context. To extend the reach of the institute, participants’ work will be shared on an online commons that will serve as a hub for developing a national community of inquiry and practice in digital humanities at community colleges.

Dates: July 13, 2015July 17, 2015
Funding Information: Details About This Grant