Humanities Gaming Institute: Serious Games for Research and Pedagogy


University of South Carolina's Center for Digital Humanities.


June 7 - 25, 2010



A three-week Institute on Humanities Gaming to develop the intellectual frameworks necessary to support gaming as an active area of humanities research and pedagogy. The institute aimed to reduce the technical barriers to the adoption of gaming as a research and teaching platform by leveraging investments in the infrastructure of computing and digital media. The institute (a) investigated the cognitive components of games that inform and enable successful game play, including immersive structure, rule governance, interactivity, and simulation; (b) provided hands-on research into existing serious games from a variety of fields, including history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, and economics; (c) produced, under the guidance of experienced game developers, games that could scale to meet participants' research and teaching needs in the humanities.

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Project Director(s)

Duncan A. Buell