Broadening the Digital Humanities: The Vectors-IML/UC-HRI Summer Institute on Multimodal Scholarship


University of Southern California's Institute for Multimedia Literacy.


July 19 - August 12, 2010



The Vectors-IML/UCHRI Summer Institute on Multimodal Scholarship was a four-week program designed for the humanities scholar without a great deal of computing experience but who expressed an interest in the digital humanities and in digital media more broadly. The Institute offered a new cadre of scholars the opportunity to explore the benefits of interactive media for scholarly analysis and authorship, illustrating the possibilities of multimodal media for humanities investigation. The scholars participating in the program learned both by engaging with a variety of existing projects and also through the production of their own project in collaboration with the Vectors-IML and UCHRI teams.

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Project Director(s)

David Theo Goldberg and Tara L. McPherson