Broadening the Digital Humanities: The Vectors-CTS Summer Institute on Digital Approaches to American Studies


University of Southern California


July 18-August 12, 2011



The Vectors-CTS Summer Institute brought 15 scholars with strong interests in digital publication both in the fields of new media and in traditional areas of American Studies and Ethnic Studies to the University of Southern California (USC) from mid-July to mid-August, 2011. The institute explored how digital scholarship can address the needs of the changing fields of American Studies and Ethnic Studies. This summer institute was administered by USC’s Center for Transformative Scholarship (CTS) and held at the Institute of Multimedia Literacy (IML), also the operational base for Vectors, the international electronic journal. The institute was an introduction to key issues in the digital humanities within the context of American Studies and also a hands-on practicum in the creation of digital scholarship. The projects created enriched participants’ understanding of the digital humanities and modeled the field for other scholars in American Studies.

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Project Director(s)

Philip Ethington, Tara McPherson, and John Carlos Rowe