Humanities Open Book Program

Open Access Humanities Books Funded by the NEH and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Humanities Open Book Program was designed to make outstanding out-of-print humanities books available to a wide audience, and was jointly sponsored by NEH and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Over four years (2016-2019), the Humanities Open Book Program made 31 awards to university and non-profit presses to support the release of digital, open access editions of humanities books, released under a Creative Commons license.

A list of awardees, with links to the e-books made available through this program, is below: 




Wesleyan University Press



The history of dance and theater

University of North Texas Press


The history of Texas and Oklahoma

Oregon State University Press


Texts from women authors representing work originally published by the Oregon-based independent press CALYX


Cornell University Press

HZ-234074-16, HZ-254284-17, HZ-259514-18

Slavic Studies, German Studies, literary criticism, anthropology, classics, political science, literary theory, Classics, Medieval Studies, and Science Education

Syracuse University Press


Irish studies and New York State regional studies

Temple University Press


Labor Studies

Fordham University Press


American philosophy

University of Michigan Press


Japanese, Chinese, South Asian, and South East Asian Studies

Johns Hopkins University Press


American history, European history, literary criticism, and philosophy

University of North Carolina Press


German Studies


University of Georgia Press


The history of Georgia

Ohio University Press


45 texts, including the Complete Works of Robert Browning, the Collected Letters of George Gissing, and the Series in Continental Thought


Wayne State University Press

Funded by Mellon

Industrial and labor history, maritime history, Detroit history, Jewish history, Holocaust Studies, Israel and Middle East Studies, and biographies of significant individuals

Ithaka Harbors

Funded by Mellon

Mexican and Latin American Studies

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)

Funded by Mellon


University of Florida Press

Funded by Mellon

Florida and the Caribbean

University of Arizona Press

Funded by Mellon

The southwestern United States

Appalachian State University

Funded by Mellon

Books printed by the Appalachian Consortium Press, which published multidisciplinary scholarly works in history, literature, photography, music, sociology, folklore, and environmental studies that together provided a holistic view of the region

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press

Funded by Mellon

Architecture and Urban Studies

Northeastern University Press

Funded by Mellon

Boston history

Borderlines Foundation for Academic Studies Incorporated

Funded by Mellon

Slavic Studies

Northwestern University Press

Funded by Mellon

African studies, literary criticism, and philosophy

The American Numismatic Society

Funded by Mellon

Coins, currency, medals, and insignia

University of Hawai’i Press

Funded by Mellon

Asian and Pacific Studies


Abilene Christian University Press

Funded by Mellon

Modern approaches to the study of religion


Brown University

Funded by Mellon

Judaic Studies


Indiana University Press

Funded by Mellon

Film, folklore, music, philosophy, semiotics, Asian studies, and linguistics


University Press of Kansas

Funded by Mellon

History, culture, and politics of the United States