Videos of 2012 Digital Humanities Implementation Grantees

November 16, 2012

We're happy to say that we now have videos from the annual Office of Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting, held September 20, 2012 at the Old Post Office in Washington, DC. This meeting brought together top researchers in the digital humanities from across the United States.

In these videos below, watch the directors of NEH's Digital Humanities Implementation Grants give short, three-minute lightning presentations on their projects.

Click any link below to go directly to the video.

Applying Linked Open Data: Refining a Model of Data Sharing as Publication, Eric Kansa, Alexandria Archive Institute

Metadata Games: Improving Access to Humanities Artifacts, Mary Flanagan, Dartmouth College

DM: From Annotation to Dissemination, Martin Foys & Shannon Bradshaw, Drew University

Sustaining the Digital Humanities: Host Institution Support Beyond the Start Up Phase, Nancy Maron, Ithaka S+R

WordSeer: A Text Analysis Environment for Literature Study, Marti Hearst, Bryan Wagner, & Aditi Muralidharan, University of California, Berkeley

PARAGON: Intelligent Digital Collation and Difference Detection, Colin Wilder, University of South Carolina

MapScholar: A Web Tool for Publishing Interactive Cartographic Collections, S. Max Edelson &
Bill Ferster, University of Virginia