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Videos of 2011 Digital Humanities Start-Up Grantees

February 16, 2012 | By Brett Bobley

We're happy to say that we now have videos from the annual Office of Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting, held September 27, 2011 at the Old Post Office in Washington, DC. This meeting brought together top researchers in the digital humanities from across the United States.

In these videos below, watch the directors of NEH's Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants give short, two-minute presentations on their projects.

Click any link below to go directly to the video.

Alexandria Archive Institute Gazetteer of the Ancient Near East
Cleveland State University Mobile Historical
College of Physicians of Philadelphia Planning for an Innovative Partnership: the Medical Heritage Digital Collaborative
CUNY Research Foundation, City College Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool
Dartmouth College ACTION (Audio-visual Cinematic Toolbox for Interaction, Organization, and Navigation): an open-source Python platform
Florida State University Populating Prosop, A Social Networking Tool for the Past: Two Workshops
Fordham University Compatible Database Initiative: Fostering Interoperable Data for Network Mapping and Visualization
Indiana University, Bloomington Incorporating Annotated Video into Omeka
Indiana University, Indianapolis An Open-Source Scholarly Text-Editing Platform for the Critical Editions in the Institute for American Thought
Internet Archive Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit
Ithaca College Untangling the Web of Historical Thinking: What the Structures of Student-Produced Wikis Reveal
Ithaka Harbors, Inc. Campus Services to Support Historians
Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages Buddhist Translators Workbench (BTW)
MediaAction Rural Alaska Cultural Media Project
Michigan State University Digging Digitally: Creating a More Dynamic Archaeological Field Journal Archive
Milwaukee Public Museum Proposing Holograms as an Innovative Exhibition Technology for Egyptian Mummies
Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts Enhancing the Humanities Through Innovation: The Extended Collection Project
Museum of the City of New York Improving Digital Record Annotation Capabilities with Open-sourced Ontologies and Crowd-sourced Workers
New York Public Library What's on the Menu: Crowdsourcing Culinary History at The New York Public Library
New York Public Library MOVER [a Multimodal Open-Source Variorum eBook Reader]
North Carolina State University New Methods of Documenting the Past: Recreating Public Preaching at Paul's Cross, London, in the Post-Reformation Period
Ohio State University, Main Campus Meeting the Earthworks Builders: A flash-based video game
Reed College Enhancing Dance Literacy: Dance Notation Through Touch Technology
Stockton College A Digital Role-Playing Game for the History of Medicine
Stone Soup Productions, Inc. The American Guide Game
SUNY Research Foundation, College at Purchase Creative Telecollaboration and Language Acquisition Curriculum
Texas A & M University, Commerce Remixing Rural Texas: Local Texts, Global Context
Tulane University MediaNOLA: Making the History of New Orleans Cultural Production Part of the Present
University of California, Berkeley Wordseer: A Text Analysis Tool for Examining Stylistic Similarities in Narrative Collections
University of California, Los Angeles Immersive Coordinates: Digital Anatolia
University of Central Florida, Orlando The Central Florida Mosaic Interface - Stage II
University of Florida Digital Epigraphy Toolbox
University of Houston Vwire: Digital Content Management through Spatial Arrangement - a Tool for Visual Argumentation in the Humanities
University of Illinois at Chicago CoCensus: Collaboration Exploration of Census Data in a Museum
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Re-Framing the Online Video Archive: A Prototype Interface for America’s Nuclear Test Films
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Gnovis: Flowing Through the Galaxy of Knowledge
University of South Carolina Research Foundation History Simulation for Teaching Early Modern British History
University of Southern California Design of an Interactive Tabletop Device for Humanities Exhibitions
University of Southern California and Bryn Mawr College Mobile Shakespeare Scripts
University of Texas, Austin Bibliopedia
University of Washington The Svoboda Diaries Project: From Digital Text to “New Book”
University of Washington Advancing Information Design for Architectural Image Interfaces
Wake Forest University ACTIV-ES: a novel Spanish-language corpus for linguistic and cultural comparisons between communities of the Hispanic world
Washington State University Fort Vancouver Mobile
Weber State University Concentration in the Humanities
Wheaton College Encoding Financial Records for Historical Research
Wheaton College and University of Virginia Developing a User Experience for TAPAS (the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service)
Yale University Photogrammar Project