NEH Announces Thirteen Start-Up Grant Awards

March 11, 2009

I'm very happy to say that the NEH has just announced thirteen new awards from our Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant program.

These awards are part of a larger group of 197 awards announced today.  For a full state-by-state list of all the awards, please see today's press release.

Congratulations to all the awardees!

Drew University -- Madison, NJ
Digital Mappaemundi: A Resource for the Study of Medieval Maps and Geographic Texts
Martin Foys, Project Director
Outright: $45,800
To support: An extensible, open-source editing toolset that would allow scholars to edit networks of text and image data, using medieval "maps of the world" as the development source material.

Duke University -- Durham, NC
Manos Teatrales: Cyber-Paleography and a Virtual World of Spanish Golden Age Theater
Margaret Greer, Project Director
Outright: $49,992
To support: The development of handwriting identification software using archival materials from Spanish Golden Age theater.

Eldridge Street Project, Inc./Museum at Eldridge Street -- New York, NY
Illuminating the Immigrant Experience: Level I Digital Start-Up Grant
Hanna Griff-Sleven, Project Director
Outright: $24,382
To support: A series of planning meetings to develop a database and digital tools to link existing digital resources on the immigrant experience of the Lower East Side of New York.

Kansas State University -- Manhattan, KS
Lost Kansas: Recovering the Legacy of Kansas Places and People
Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, Project Director
Outright: $24,987
To support: The development of an online repository that would enable students to use primary sources to document rural Kansas communities.

Michigan State University -- East Lansing, MI
Red Land/Black Land: Teaching Ancient Egyptian History Through Game-Based Learning
Ethan Watrall, Project Director
Outright: $49,575
To support: The development of a modification of the game Civilization IV that would allow students to explore ancient Egypt.

OpenEnded Group, LLC -- New York, NY
Spatialising Photographic Archives
Paul Kaiser, Project Director
Outright: $49,100
To support: An open-source platform for reconstructing three-dimensional events using photographs, complemented by other forms of documentation (e.g. articles).

Piedmont Folk Legacies, Inc. -- Eden, NC
Vernacular Music Material Culture in Space and Time
Greg Adams, Project Director
Outright: $13,889
To support: Planning activities for the creation of a proof-of-concept knowledge management system to allow researchers to study the development and performance history of musical instruments, using the banjo as a test case.

Independent Scholar -- Washington, DC
Identifying Regional Design Templates of Ancient Near Eastern Ivory Sculptures of Women Using Computer Technology
Amy Gansell, Project Director
Outright: $50,000
To support: Development of pattern-recognition software that will be tested against ancient Near Eastern ivory sculptures of women.

University of California, San Diego -- La Jolla, CA
Drama in the Delta: Digitally Reenacting Civil Rights Performances at Arkansas' Wartime Camps for Japanese Americans
Emily Roxworthy, Project Director
Outright: $24,983
To support: The development of a role-playing game focused on Japanese-American internment in Arkansas during World War II.

University of California, Santa Cruz -- Santa Cruz, CA
Eternal Flames: Living Memories of the Pacific War
Alan Christy, Project Director
Outright: $50,000
To support: Development and testing of a prototype multilingual website platform for the gathering and study of memories of the Pacific theater of World War II incorporating perspectives of survivors from the United States and Asia.

University of Maryland, College Park -- College Park, MD
CAMP: The Collaborative Ajax-Based Modeling Platform
Douglas Reside, Project Director
Outright: $49,500
To support: Development of a prototype for open-source, collaborative three-dimensional modeling software to allow for the re-creation of historic buildings, using historic theaters as test cases.

University of New Mexico -- Albuquerque, NM
Digital Documentation and Reconstruction of an Ancient Maya Temple and Prototype Design of Internet GIS Database of Maya Arch
Jennifer von Schwerin, Project Director
Outright: $24,517
To support: Two planning workshops for an online database of Maya architecture, with a long-term goal of developing a platform that curates 3-D virtual objects and environments linked to GIS data.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill -- Chapel Hill, NC
Image to XML (img2xml)
Natalia Smith, Project Director
Outright: $50,000
To support: Development an open-source transcription and annotation tool using Scalable Vector Graphics for historical and literary archival manuscripts, using materials from the Carolina Digital Library and Archives as a test bed.