Lightning Round! Videos from 2016 Start-Up Grant presentations

March 24, 2017

On September 16, 2016, the NEH Office of Digital Humanities convened our annual Project Directors Meeting at NEH headquarters in Washington, DC. One highlight of this meeting was the popular “Lightning Round” – an opportunity for attendees to share a 3-minute overview of their NEH-funded project.

Below, you’ll find links to videos of each of the 2016 Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant presentations.

Note that, as of 2017, grants for start-up phase projects in the digital humanities are now part of the Digital Humanities Advancement Grant (DHAG) program. Find out more about the DHAG program online or email with questions.

Click on any project title below to go directly to the video.

The Colored Conventions
Speakers: Sarah Patterson and James Casey, University of Delaware (grant number HD-248462-16)

The Search for Harmony: Building a Game Development Tool for WordPress
Speaker: Nicholas Ray, Stone Soup Productions (HD-248622-16)

Scientific Workflows, Image Analysis, and Visual Stylometry (WAIVS) in the Digital Analysis of Art
Speaker: Catherine Buell, Fitchburg State University (HD-248360-16)

Visualizing Spatial Experience in the Holocaust
Speaker: Anne Knowles, University of Maine, Orono (HD-248377-16)

Historical Demography and Population Behavior among Muslims in Russian Central Eurasia, 1828-1918: The Case of Kazan City
Speaker: Edward Lazzerini, Indiana University (HD-248405-16)

Classical Intertextuality and Computation
Speakers: Pramit Chaudhuri and Joseph Dexter, University of Texas, Austin (HD-248410-16)

TEI and Humanities Pedagogy: Building TAPAS Classroom
Speaker: Julia Flanders, Northeastern University (HD-248437-16)

3D Printing as Humanistic Inquiry 
Speakers: James Malazita, Rensselaer Polytechnic University (HD-248450-16)

Project Andvari
Speakers: Joseph Koivisto and Lilla Kopár
Grantee institution: University of Virginia (HD-248511-16)

3D Modeling for Textile Collections
Speaker: Diana Saiki, Ball State University (HD-248519-16)

Genealogy of Texts and Ideas: Looking Back and Forth through Early English Books Online
Speakers: Benjamin Brochstein, Rice University (HD-248520-16)

Time Online
Speaker: Daniel Rosenberg, University of Oregon (HD-248544-16)

TourSites for WordPress: Digital Tour Experiences for Multi-Site Museum Networks
Speaker: Ty Pierce, Ohio Historical Society (HD-248560-16)

3D Visualization of Theatrical Lighting Designs
Speaker: Douglas Reside and Gregory Lord, New York Public Library (HD-248577-16)

Reading Chicago Reading: Modeling Texts and Readers in a Public Library System
Speaker: John Shanahan, DePaul University (HD-248600-16)

Black Book Interactive Project
Speaker: Danny Caine, University of Kansas (HD-248607-16)

Ancient Graffiti Project: Tools for Analyzing Personal Communication
Speaker: Rebecca Benefiel, Washington and Lee University (HD-248610-16)

Beyond Citation: Critical Thinking About Digital Research
Speakers: Stephen Brier and Eileen Clancy, CUNY Graduate Center (HD-248648-16)