Improvements to NEH’s Funded Projects Query Form (Time to Update Links!)

July 12, 2011

I’m pleased to announce some major improvements to the NEH’s Funded Projects Query Form. The Query Form is a simple search interface that allows you to search for any NEH grant going back to around 1980 (pre-1980 records are paper-based, alas). In brief, here are some of the current and upcoming features:

  • Use the query form to search for any grant using keywords, program name, discipline, date range, etc.

  • View any grant’s white paper if one was required.

  • Save your search string as a URL so you can run it later or embed on your own website.

  • Export results to a spreadsheet.

  • Since parameters are passed to the search API via a URL, you can write your own code to pull in grant data (just save any query and you can see the parameter format).

  • Coming soon: each grant will include links to grant “products” like websites, press coverage, books, films, or journal articles that resulted from the grant. (We’ll be crowdsourcing that data from the actual grantees.)

On a related note, we will soon be phasing out the ODH Library of Funded Projects in favor of the new and improved Funded Projects Query Form. So if your own website has hard links to pages in the Library of Funded Projects (like to a white paper) you should update those links to the new location within the Funded Projects Query Form system. 

For example: to read Matt Kirschenbaum’s popular white paper Approaches to Managing and Collecting Born-Digital Literary Materials for Scholarly Use:

Old URL:

New URL:

Big thanks to our IRM staff, particularly Peter Losin and Beth Stewart who did a ton of work on the new query system.