Announcing Seven Digital Humanities Implementation Grants (July 2014)

July 21, 2014

The Office of Digital Humanities is happy to announce seven awards from our Digital Humanities Implementation Grants program from our February 2014 deadline. These awards are part of a larger slate of 177 grants just announced by the NEH.

Congratulations to all the awardees for their terrific projects!

Michigan State University -- East Lansing, MI
HK-50173, ARCS: Archaeological Resource Cataloguing System
Jon Frey, Project Director
Ethan C. Watrall, Project Director
Outright: $324,586
To support: The Archaeological Resource Cataloging System (ARCS) would provide an open source application where users can upload, tag, sort, and link together digitized copies of photographs, drawings, and (frequently handwritten) documents of the archaeological record. Building from the original case study of Ohio State University’s excavations at Isthmia, the team would add three archaeological sites (in Polis, Chersonesos, and Nemea) to test the development of ARCS.

New School -- New York, NY
HK-50155, AIDS Quilt Touch: Empowering Communities to Share and Preserve Cultural Heritage through Digital Storytelling
Anne Balsamo, Project Director
Dale Macdonald, Project Director
Outright: $321,872
To support: The development of a media platform that will allow for visualization tools for exploring large collections of humanities images, means for collecting tags and metadata about the images, increased search capabilities, and the documentation of strategies for community participation, using the AIDS Memorial Quilt Digital Archive and the Quilt Index at Michigan State University as the test cases.

Old Dominion University Research Foundation -- Norfolk, VA
HK-50181, “Archive What I See Now”: Bringing Institutional Web Archiving Tools to the Individual Researcher
Michael L Nelson, Project Director
Liza Potts, Project Director
Michele Weigle, Project Director
Outright: $324,634
To support: Further development of a toolset that would allow individual humanities researchers and institutions to easily archive websites and to navigate archived collections.

PRX, Inc. -- Cambridge, MA
HK-50175, Pop Up Archive: Saving culturally significant audio through preservation, searchability, and distribution
Kerri Hoffman, Project Director
Outright: $325,000
To support: Further development of Pop Up Archive, an online platform for managing and disseminating audio collections, including automated methods for transcribing and searching sound files.

University of California, Berkeley -- Berkeley, CA
HK-50161, Berkeley Prosopography Services: Implementing the Tool kit
Laurie E. Pearce, Project Director
Niek Veldhuis, Project Director
Outright: $325,000
To support: The enhancement of the Berkeley Prosopography Services platform and toolkit to extend its capabilities for social network analysis and improve its user interface for scholars.

University of California, Los Angeles -- Los Angeles, CA
HK-50164, The VSim Project Repository and Archive: Interface software and online repository and archive to facilitate distribution and educational use of 3D
Scott Friedman, Project Director
Lisa Snyder, Project Director
Outright: $324,967
To support: Development of the VSim software, which provides a guided interface for educational 3D visualizations, and a repository for 3D models of historical sites to support sharing and peer review.

University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign -- Champaign, IL
HK-50176, Exploring the Billions and Billions of Words in the HathiTrust Corpus with Bookworm: HathiTrust + Bookworm Project
J. Stephen Downie, Project Director
Erez Lieberman-Aiden, Project Director
Outright: $324,841
To support: The enhancement and integration of the Bookworm analytical tool with the HathiTrust Digital Library, which holds 3.9 billion pages of digitized materials. Scholars would be able build individual collections of materials to be studied and to discover new textual use patterns across the corpus.