Announcing 6 Digital Humanities Implementation Grant Awards (July 2013)

July 25, 2013

The Office of Digital Humanities is happy to announce 6 awards from the second round of our Digital Humanities Implementation Grants program from our January 2013 deadline. These awards are part of a larger slate of 173 grants just announced by the NEH.

Congratulations to all the awardees on their exciting projects!


Harvard University -- Cambridge, MA

HK-50091, Extending WorldMap to Make It Easier  for Humanists and Others to Find, Use, and Publish Geospatial Information

Peter Bol, Project Director
Suzanne Blier, Project Director

Outright: $320,888

To support: Continuing development of the WorldMap platform, a system that allows scholars, teachers, and students to explore, visualize, edit, and publish geospatial information.


Hope College -- Holland, MI

HK-50070, Scaling Digital Gaming to Humanities Pedagogy and Praxis

Christian Spielvogel, Project Director

Outright: $299,221

To support: Development of a platform that would allow educators across humanities disciplines to create web-based, multiplayer historical role-playing games. The platform would also include tools to facilitate peer review of game materials.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- Cambridge, MA 

HK-50072, Annotation Studio: Multimedia Annotation for Students 

James Paradis, Project Director
Kurt Fendt, Project Director

Outright: $324,833

To support: Further development and wide-scale implementation of Annotation Studio, a platform to enhance student learning through annotation of digital texts, images, and video resources.


New York Public Library -- New York, NY 

HK-50128, Scribe: Turning Text into Structured Information through the Power of the Crowd 

Benjamin Vershbow, Project Director
Chris Lintott and Arfon Smith (Zooniverse/Adler Planetarium), Project Co-Directors

Outright: $325,000

To support: Further development of Scribe, an open-source, extensible software platform for crowdsourced transcription of cultural heritage collections, including tools for transcription management, quality control, and data sharing.


Stanford University -- Stanford, CA 

HK-50087, Networks in History: Data-driven tools for analyzing relationships across time 

Dan Edelstein, Project Director
Paula Findlen, Project Director
Nicole Coleman, Project Director




Outright: $297,137

To support: A project to develop a general-purpose suite of visualization and analytical tools based on the prototypes created for the Mapping the Republic of Letters project, which examines the scholarly communities and networks of knowledge during the period 1500-1800.


Washington State University -- Pullman, WA 

HK-50120, Mukurtu Mobile: Empowering Knowledge Circulation Across Cultures 

Kimberly Christen, Project Director

Outright: $319,331

To support: The development of Mukurtu Mobile, an open-source mobile platform for collecting and exhibiting indigenous digital cultural heritage.