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"An On-Going Experiment: State Councils, the Humanities, and the American Public" by Elizabeth Lynn

November 21, 2013 | By Federal/State Partnership Staff

In his foreword to An On-Going Experiment, Peter Levine writes that "Elizabeth Lynn's paper on the history of the state humanities councils uncovers an essential story. It is important not only for people interested in the councils, but also for anyone concerned about the deeply troubled condition of the humanities and public life in America today."

Published by the Kettering Foundation in 2013, An On-Going Experiment notes that, "There are lessons to be drawn from this ongoing experiment in bringing the humanities to the public, both for those who worry about the health of the humanities and for those who seek to strengthen American public life" (page 5). This study is illustrated with artwork by Dorothy Schwartz, former executive director of the Maine Humanities Council.