We Are One Inside Out: Utah Humanities Council's high school Clemente course changes peoples' perceptions

April 17, 2014
We Are One Inside Out
Photo caption

Five of the 100 portraits of students mounted on the exterior walls of Salt Lake City's East High.

Trisha Empey

We Are One Inside Out is a public art project by 10-graders inspired by their teacher, Jorge Rojas, by a Utah Humanities Council Clemente Course on the history of public art, and by their participation in the national Achievement Via Individiual Determination (AVID) program. These sophomores considered whether art can change the world and affect people’s perceptions and ideas. They wanted Salt Lake City to know that East High—the school that was the setting for Disney’s “High School Musical”—isn't all white. To tell that story and to change peoples' understanding, they mounted pictures of themselves on the walls of their school, showing the world outside who they are inside.