The War of 1812 in the Great Lakes and Western Territories

June 22, 2012
Battle of Lake Erie
Photo caption

Battle of Lake Erie. Oliver Hazard Perry standing in a small boat after abandoning his flagship, the Lawrence. Percy Moran, c. 1911.

Library of Congress

The Ohio Historical Society received a grant to offer "The War of 1812 in the Great Lakes and Western Territories," two one-week workshops for school teachers in summer 2012.

Participants study the war's causes; the complicated interactions of Euro-Americans, British, Canadians, and Native Americans during the conflict; and the war's short- and long-term effects.  

The workshop utilizes important military sites, including River Raisin Battlefield, Fort Meigs, and Perry's Victory and International Peace Monument. The sessions include lectures, discussions, site visits, and work on teaching projects. Among the primary sources are an Indian captivity narrative, missionary letters, correspondence by William Henry Harrison, President James Madison's war message, and the full text of "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops for School Teachers
BH-50444-11, Ohio Historical Society (Columbus, OH)
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