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Enduring Questions: Alternative Cosmologies

New course on ancient, religious and scientific cosmologies.

July 1, 2011 | By NEH Staff

History professor J.B. Shank of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, used an Enduring Questions grant to develop a course on comparative cosmology that features ancient, modern, Western and non-Western models. Shank devoted his preparation time primarily to studying non-Western cosmologies with faculty from the Asian Languages and Literatures and the American Indian departments at the university.

The course Shank developed includes Hindu Vedic, Native American, and Islamic cosmologies, along with Greco-Roman and modern scientific perspectives. As an Enduring Questions course, it introduces students to core texts from a range of historical periods and encourages them to think beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Enduring Questions
AQ-50223-10, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

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