Invite the ODH for a Virtual Visit in Spring 2021! 

November 20, 2020
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SandCastle3D, An NEH ODH-Funded project at Duke University that is developing a malleable 3D mapping system for pre-modern maps and views.

The NEH Office of Digital Humanities is delighted to be able to offer virtual workshops at your institution during the winter and spring of 2021. 

During these sixty- to ninety-minute workshops, NEH program staff will ‘visit’ your institution to explain how the NEH supports digital research, teaching, and publication, to discuss the application process for NEH grants, and to get to know your community.  

Any public or non-profit humanities institution, from a community college or research university to a historical society or archive, can request a visit. We typically receive invitations from groups such as research libraries, digital humanities labs, humanities institutes, research offices, academic departments, scholarly societies, and other not-for-profit spaces that foster digital humanities work.  

Please note that we can generally only visit an institution once per year.  

ODH events generally involve 20-60 attendees, and hosts are responsible for outreach, promotional materials, and technology. In order to expand the impact of this program, we ask that virtual events be promoted to your campus or organization at large as well as to other institutions in your city or region. 

Want to sign up for a virtual visit from the ODH?  

Fill out this quick form to start your request, and an ODH staff member will contact you to discuss further.