Invite the ODH for a Virtual Visit!

August 31, 2020

Each year, the NEH Office of Digital Humanities offers a limited number of workshops to colleges, universities, cultural institutions, and scholarly societies on the topic of funding digital projects. The workshops are aimed at potential grant applicants such as instructors, librarians, archivists, curators, and researchers. They are an opportunity to learn about the different ways that digital research, teaching, and publication is supported through the NEH, and to get to know some of our staff. 

The transition to remote working and learning has changed how the ODH plans and conducts these workshops. While historically, we have only been able to hold a limited number of in-person sessions each semester, we are now offering a larger number of virtual sixty-minute sessions to communities around the country.  

We frequently receive invitations from academic libraries, digital humanities labs, humanities institutes, research offices, academic departments, scholarly societies, and other not-for-profit spaces that foster digital humanities work.  

In order to expand the impact of this program, we generally ask that virtual events be promoted to your campus at large as well as to other institutions in your city or region. 

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