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OIG Hotline Form

NEH's Office Inspector General (OIG) investigates reports of waste, fraud, and mismanagement involving federal funds. You can help the OIG eliminate fraud and improve management by providing information about allegations or suspicions of waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, research misconduct (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism), or unnecessary government expenditures.

You can submit this form anonymously, however doing so may limit our ability to conduct an investigation if questions arise that only you can answer. If you do not provide your email address or some other form of contact information we cannot interact with you and you will not receive a copy of your submission. If you choose to submit this form anonymously, please be verbose and provide as many details as possible. All fields are optional.

Please provide details regarding the alleged misconduct. The following fields are provided to assist you in documenting your allegation.

(include anything that the individual may have done to avoid discovery or detection)
(This information is not required to submit your allegation.)

Frequency of alleged misconduct / wrongdoing:

(Please be advised that you are not expected to secure documentation for the express purpose of transmitting such documentation to the NEH-OIG.):
(Additional details would greatly facilitate the planning / execution of the investigation.)
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