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Career Opportunities

NEH Internships

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is accepting applications on an open continuous basis for volunteer student and other internships. While we are unable to provide paid internships at this time, we are able to provide valuable experience working in program and administrative offices of the Endowment. Learn more.

NEH Full Time Positions

VA#15-1281516-DE-BL, Management and Program Analyst (Term Appointment-NTE 13 Months), GS-0343-11/12, Office of the Chairman
Open 12/11/14 – 12/29/14

VA#15-1258197-ML, Humanities Administrator (Term), GS-1701-11/12, Division of Preservation and Access
Open 11/14/14 – 12/15/14

VA#15-1227504-BL, Director, GS-1701-14/15, Federal/State Partnership
Open 11/17/14 – 12/08/14

VA#15-1260721-DE-ML, IT Specialist (INET ) - Term, GS-2210-13, All Sources
Open 11/19/2014 – 12/10/2014